Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes Review

Hello everyone; I hope you're all doing well! Today I'm bringing to you a review on the very first false lashes that I've ever tried. I picked up these Eylure pre-glued lashes from Ulta last week to use for a photoshoot. That was my very first venture into buying false lashes, so I figured that self-adhesive lashes would be the best bet. Without further ado, let's get into the review.
Eylure Eylure
I have both the 117 (left) and the 070 (right) style. I apologize for the stock photos, which came from Ulta.com, but I've already used my lashes and any picture I take of them wouldn't do them justice. I decided to cut both sets into half lashes, that way I could put them on the outside corner of my eye for some thickness and a fluttery effect. I ended up wearing the 070 because they looked more natural. I did have to trim down the length a bit, but not too much. The 117 are definitely thicker and more dramatic than the 070, which are more natural. The only problem I found with these was the fact that since it came pre-glued, the band was quite thick. I was fine with that for the shoot because it looked like I already had eyeliner on my lid, but otherwise, I think I'll try an eyelash glue next time.
These lashes held on tightly to my lash line and never once lifted up. Removing them was easy and painless as well. I gently peeled them off and that was all it took. A huge negative for me was the extra band of glue that both sets of lashes came with. I tried to get the extra band of glue onto the lashes and it did not work whatsoever. The lashes became almost stuck together and mangled. To reuse these, I recommend peeling off the remaining glue on the lashes and then using a liquid lash glue.
All in all, this was a good product to try out for beginners who are looking to attempt using false lashes for the first time. It was easy to use and hassle free. I hope this helped out some of you who are looking to try false lashes! Thanks so much for reading!
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