Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review: Maybelline FIT me! Powder

Today I have for you a review on the Maybelline FIT me! Powder. I've had this powder for almost two years and have only just noticed now that it doesn't suit my skin AT ALL! I can't believe that I had liked it for such a long time without any qualms...

I use the shade 120 Classic Ivory, as you can probably tell from the picture above. I also made sure that I got the ingredients in with this shot, and from what I can tell, there aren't that many ingredients involved in this powder, but do note that talc is the first one listed.

This powder has a very nice, smooth texture and at first glance, the color is just fine, but when I actually have this on, it turns my face extremely pink! I remember wearing this powder on top of a foundation that matched my skin perfectly and then looking into the mirror at lunch time and seeing that it had completely turned my face a pinkish color. Also, I've noticed that when I wear this powder, it makes me an oil slick, so much so that it's completely not even worth it for me to keep trying to use it up. I used it with my beloved Revlon Colorstay, which has NEVER turned me oily, but with this on top, I'm an oily mess within a few hours at most.

I've heard that some people love this, some hate it, and some are indifferent, but for me, this simply didn't work out, no matter how much I wanted to like it. I hope this helped out some of you, and if you have either dry or normal skin, this could be great for you, but oily skin, I'd say beware! Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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