Friday, February 14, 2014

Best BB Cream EVER

Okay, I know that in my first review of this, I didn't give it glowing marks, but it has progressively gotten better, if you've read my update post on this. And now, this has become one of  my Holy Grail face products, right next to Revlon Colorstay. I was able to get this for an awesome price on, for about $20 and from a great seller that got this to me super quick! I ordered on a Friday, at nighttime, and got it on Monday; plus, this one was made in 2013, so it's fresh. I love to use this everyday with a regular, disposable, triangle, damp sponge. Using this for a while, I've noticed that this lets my skin breathe, much more so than a heavy foundation. I've gotten over the scent, which simply fades away easily now after application. I just put my bareMinerals Matte on top to set it, and I'm all set to go!
Best of all though, this has AMAZING, WONDERFUL coverage! I don't even have to use a concealer with this, and I think this covers better than Colorstay, even when they're applied the same way. I love that this has a pump, since it stays clean. I mostly like using a damp sponge because of the beautiful finish it gives the skin, as well as how it doesn't disturb the existing flakes on my cheek area. Also, using a damp sponge keeps my fingers clean, since I don't have to use them to apply the BB Cream. I always wipe the pump on the sponge after dispensing one pump, just to get an excess product and keep it clean. And in case you didn't catch that, I use one full pump, and it works wonders on my skin to conceal hyperpigmentation from post acne, any new pimples, and even out any redness. My only complaint is the oil control, but I can't say anything else bad, so I guess it's a win-win situation, even if I have to blot/touch up after 3-4 hours. My touch up routine will probably be my next post, so stay tuned for that!
Well, that's all I have to say! Oh, one last tid bit, this works amazing underneath a foundation as a base or primer as well. I've used it underneath Colorstay, and it had the BEST coverage EVER, and I didn't get oily AT ALL after 10 hours. I hope this helped out some of you, and if you have any questions, please leave them in a comment! I love to see your comments, they make my day!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

Tarte - Smooth Operatorâ„¢ Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
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Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing to you yet another review on yet another powder type product. I'm sure by now you would know what it is from the title... but just in case, it's the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder. Such a long name, but anyway, let's get straight into the review!

All right, to the important stuff: I really wanted to like this, and I used it for a while thinking that it worked amazingly; I had read reviews on this product being the miracle worker for oily skin, keeping people matte all day long; I had thought this was going to be the HG for me when I need to touch up. Now, all these things that I just listed are very exciting, but I didn't get any results with them. NONE. AT ALL. Instead, I was still very oily and shiny, and this powder broke me out so badly that if I used it, I would have a few new zits within either the same day or the next day. The good thing about this is that it makes the pores practically disappear. Two other good things are: absolutely not cakey, and translucent. I also heard that there's an ingredient in this that can cause breakouts since it's the one that makes the pores look like they don't exist. The overall look is quite a beautiful soft focus effect, but I don't think that it's worth the painful cystic zits that develop.

I really wanted to like this powder, but I'm glad I only bought a sample off of Amazon because otherwise I would be sorely missing my $28. My next posts are going to be positive, I promise! We're all have different skin, so even though this didn't work for me, maybe it'll work for you, it just depends on your skin, so give it a whirl if you're interested!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review: Maybelline FIT me! Powder

Today I have for you a review on the Maybelline FIT me! Powder. I've had this powder for almost two years and have only just noticed now that it doesn't suit my skin AT ALL! I can't believe that I had liked it for such a long time without any qualms...

I use the shade 120 Classic Ivory, as you can probably tell from the picture above. I also made sure that I got the ingredients in with this shot, and from what I can tell, there aren't that many ingredients involved in this powder, but do note that talc is the first one listed.

This powder has a very nice, smooth texture and at first glance, the color is just fine, but when I actually have this on, it turns my face extremely pink! I remember wearing this powder on top of a foundation that matched my skin perfectly and then looking into the mirror at lunch time and seeing that it had completely turned my face a pinkish color. Also, I've noticed that when I wear this powder, it makes me an oil slick, so much so that it's completely not even worth it for me to keep trying to use it up. I used it with my beloved Revlon Colorstay, which has NEVER turned me oily, but with this on top, I'm an oily mess within a few hours at most.

I've heard that some people love this, some hate it, and some are indifferent, but for me, this simply didn't work out, no matter how much I wanted to like it. I hope this helped out some of you, and if you have either dry or normal skin, this could be great for you, but oily skin, I'd say beware! Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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