Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Maybelline Sunlit Bronze Eye Shadow Quad

Today I'm bringing to you all my thoughts on the Maybelline Sunlit Bronze Eye Shadow Quad that I've rediscovered in my collection. I've had this for a while but I haven't used it in so long, so I thought that busting it out and using it for a week would be good for me! Now onto my thoughts!

As you can probably tell from the picture above, these shadows are very shimmery and metallic, almost to the point of being glossy, which I absolutely LOVE! I'm always on the look out for shadows that look to be shimmery and glossy. The lightest shade is said to be a dupe for M.A.C.'s Femme Fi, but I've never owned that color so I wouldn't know. It is a gorgeous super shimmery, metallic cream with golden undertones. The next shade is an orangey gold, again with tons of metallic shimmer, they all have the same finish. The third is a warm, orangey, rose, copper tone. And the last is a shimmering, greyish taupe color that's supposed to be the definer shade, but it's really too light for that.
Due to the intense shimmer that these shades have, I wouldn't wear them together at the same time, at least not without a matte color in the crease or something like that. Overall, these are soft and pigmented, gorgeously shimmery, shiny, and reflective, perfect for any season.
I hope this post inspires some of you to shop your stash as well! Thanks for reading!
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