Sunday, July 14, 2013

3 Tips + Products for Long Lasting Makeup! (Part 2: Eyes)

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! Today, I'm going to do the eye makeup installment of long lasting makeup with 3 simple tips. Let's jump straight into it!

Tip # 1: Prime, Prime, Prime!

 So, obviously, the most important tip for long lasting, flawless eye makeup is to use a good primer to prevent creasing and fading. I have extremely oily eyelids and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight is the best eye primer I have ever found! I have a review up on this product. If you would like more in depth information, click this link: I think the review post of this product was my very first post ever! Anyway, I love this primer, it gives a beautiful golden, shimmery tint to the eyelids and hold eyeshadows amazingly!

Tip # 2: Add a cream shadow to prolong wear.

 Cream eyeshadows on top of a good primer can make the entire eye look last even longer. These 3 are just the ones that I have, but you can use any long wearing cream shadow you would like. I apply these over my eye primer, and usually, if my eye primer is matte, like the Urban Decay Primer Potion, then I'll use something like MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study or Benefit Cream Shadow in R.S.V.P. If I'm using the Too Faced Candlelight eye primer, then I'll use the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, but it doesn't really matter how you layer them, if you want more shimmer, go for it and layer what ever you like! All these cream shadows crease horrible on my bare eyelid with nothing underneath, so they all need to be applied over a primer, at least in my oily eyelid case.

Tip # 3: Seal the line!

 Using a long wearing eyeliner is extremely important; it prevents the worry of having smudged liner all underneath and around the eye! I really like the Almay Eyeliner Crayon becuase it has amazing staying power on my upper lash line, anywhere else though, it smudges like crazy. For some reason, it holds wonderfully on my oily upper lash line and runs and smudges on my lower lash line, tighline, and waterline. Gel liners such as MAC Blacktrack Fluidline work especially well on the waterline, and lasts almost perfectly with minimal smudging for about 10 hours when topped off with an eyeshadow in the same color. Now, liquid liners are known to be long lasting, and the Sephora High Precision Eyeliner is no exception. It lasts just about the same as the Fluidline, but the product already comes with a brush tip applicator that can be difficult if not taken used to. All these 3 liners I'm showing you today are in black, but use any color you want, just as long as you know they work for you and will last.
I'm not going to do a section on mascaras because I haven't found one that I know doesn't smudge on me yet, but I will keep you updated on that! Also, I won't be doing a section on lips either, because truthfully, I don't wear lip products at all, and if I do, it's usually a stain, but lip products are just too much of a hassle for me.
Well, these are just the tips and products I trust for long lasting eye makeup.  I hope this helps some of you out; have a wonderful day!
                                            Until Next Time,
                                                 Cutting Edge Beauty

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