Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lancôme Color Design + Seasonal Effects Eyeshadows Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a review and swatches on the Lancôme Color Design as well as their Season Effects Eyeshadows. Are they worth it? Let's find out!

Lancôme Color Design Single Eyeshadow

  •  Off the Rack (Metallic)

All right, let's start with the singles that I have then, this shadow is a light pink duo chrome metallic that comes off as a beautiful shimmery sheen. It looks pink in certain lights and can look blue/purple in others. I find that if I put this over a black base, it truly turns that blue/purple color. The staying power of this eyeshadow is astounding! I have worn it without eye primer before and it lasted me a whole school day, which for me, is unheard of due to my extremely oily eyelids. This shadow contains 1.2 g and retails for around $17, so definitely a pretty hefty price tag on a shadow.
  • Mochaccino (Matte)

Also in the Color Design line, this shadow is a deep, cool matte brown. As you can tell in the swatch, sometimes this shadow doesn't show up well on the skin, but when applied to the eyes with a brush, it can come off as way too excessive and dark if applied too heavily. With this product, it's difficult to be exact with it and make it seem perfect and I've also tried this out as a contour color multiple times and the same can be said for the face, apply just a little to heavy and it's extremely unforgiving. I also think it made me break out when I used it as a contour, and I've used this for the brows as well with less than satisfactory results. This could very well be a regret purchase for me. The amount and price are the same as above.

Seasonal Effects Eyeshadow:

  • Filgree (Shimmer), Kitten Heel (Shimmer), Click (Shimmer), The New Black (Metallic)

L-R (Swatches): Filgree, Kitten Heel, Click, The New Black
 I got this little quad as a gift with purchase at my Lancôme counter; it comes with four shades, three shimmer and one metallic. Filgree is a light champagne golden color, which I find is very flattering either as a light wash on the lid or the browbone or inner corner, but definitely not as a heavily packed on shade on the eyelid, due to how it can look a bit too frosty. Kitten Heel is an interresting shade; it has pinkish undertones, but a deeply embedded golden shimmer sheen and flecks; I find this color to be the most unique. Click is a medium toned, cool toned taupe brown with more of a satin finish, which makes it quite comparable to MAC Satin Taupe. Although the black shadow is labeled as metallic, I only see the glitter/glimmer of it in the pan, and when it's on the skin or eye, the glitter specs don't show up at all, which is disappointing to me beacuse I though it was a unique color, not all the same as the other black shadows of every makeup brand. You can purchase all these shades individually as singles.
Are these shadows worth their high price tag? My answer is, maybe; it ultimately comes down to shade or palette that you pick, so that way you know if you're going to get good use out of it. Those are just my opinions, reviews, and swatches of the Lancôme Color Design and Seasonal Effects Eyeshadows. I hope this helped out some of you, and have a wonderful day everyone! Thanks for reading!
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