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Best Acne Skincare Products: Clinique Acne Solutions Cleanser + Toner

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and having a great weekend! I know I already have a post up on my skincare, it's simple and quick, with prescription topical creams. I'll link that at the end of this post if you would like to take a look. Anyway, I've changed up my morning routine a bit, and my skin has cleared up greatly in just the past three days. These products that I have re-incorporated into my morning routine have helped me through bad breakouts in the past; what I'll be talking about today is the Clinique Acne Solutions Cleanser and Toner.
When I had first tried out some products from this line, it was probably in 8th grade. I had bought the bar cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment from a Macy's counter in my mall. After using the products for a few weeks, I noticed two things: one, the bar cleanser was horrible, it left my face feeling like there was some kind of weird residue and left behind this disgusting scent, and two, the products were not working! The second part was what caused me to change my mind, and return the products, thus staining the Acne Solutions line in my mind.
What caused me to try products from the line again was spurred on by my horrid acne breakouts last summer. The breakouts started near the end of the school year and I just could not figure out the reason, so I went to my last resort: ProActiv. After buying ProActiv and using it for a while, I realized another two things: one, the cleanser, toner, and treatment smelled HORRIBLE, and two, it wasn't working! So then, I gave up ProActiv and searched for acne curing products, and finally, when I was browsing on one day, I came across a trial set of the Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit.
I remembered the name of the line, and then also recalled that the only product in that kit that I had tried was the moisturizer. Realizing this, and the price ($35) which was quite good for full travel sizes, I thought, 'Why not?' My acne was so bad at the time that I went to buy the kit with the mentality that my acne couldn't get any worse because it was already so bad. Needless to say, that kit saved my skin, it took a little less than a month, but it cleared my skin up, the breakouts were less frequent, and a few times I didn't even breakout near that time of the month! After using that for a year, I noticed that my skin was acting up again at the end of this school year and beginning of this summer.
I consulted a dermatologist, and when I got my topical creams and got a new mild cleanser, I stopped using the Acne Solutions just out of the ease of which I could use just the cleanser and be done with my morning routine. Night time, though, I was told not to use my usual Clinique because it would be too harsh with my topical creams; therefore, I stopped using the old routine completely.
Keeping on my new routine for three months, I noticed that my skin wasn't getting any better on the third month, and that it was possibly getting worse. I contemplated using the Acne Solutions cleanser and toner again in the mornings before using Aczone, and finally bit the bullet and did about three days ago. I only used the cleanser and toner because I had run out of the moisturizer, and I knew that probably wouldn't react well anyway with Aczone.
So now, my morning routine is the Acne Solutions cleanser, toner, Aczone, and same Neutrogena moisturizer. My skin has been reacting so much better this way, and I still do use the Cerave cleanser at night and then follow with Epiduo and Aczone and moisturizer, but this morning routine change seems to have bettered my skin immensely.
Well, that's pretty much all, I just wanted to share how well the Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser and toner worked for me, even after adding the Aczone. I know this is super long-winded, but I hope that maybe this helped out some of you who are dealing with acne. Thank you all so much for reading!

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