Friday, May 10, 2013

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight Review

Hello all! Today, I bring to you all a review on possibly the best eyeshadow primer I have ever used.

And without futhur ado...

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight is the only eyeshadow primer that does not crease on me after 10 hours. There is also the regular Shadow Insurance, and I remember trying that one about a year ago and simply found it to be oily and uncooperative. Keep in mind though, that I have oily eyelids and almost everything creases on me. Too Faced has a whole line up ranging from their first Shadow Insurance to this one and many more. I find that this has a beautiful glow and shine to it when applied alone. Wearing this on its own is stunning, and perfect for me because when I get ready in the morning, I never have enough time! I'm sure most of you are the same way!
As you can see from this quick swatch, the color is a beautiful golden, shimmery hue. Blended on the eyes, this provides a wonderfully wide awake and glowing look, for any skin tone. I usually wear this with some liner on my tightlight and mascara for an everyday look and I'm all set! I strongly suggest that if you are on the market for a new eyeshadow primer, give this one a try!
                                          -Cutting Edge Beauty
Grade: A+
Repurchase: Definitely!

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