Thursday, May 30, 2013

BB Cream Battle

Hey everyone! For today's post, I bring you all a comparison between these two beauty balms:

I know that all of you have probably tried or at least heard of BB Creams before, since there was quite a craze for them a few months back. I have had these BB Creams for a while, and if you are thinking about purchasing one or both of these, I hope this 'battle'/comparison will help you.
The one on the right, the Skin 79, I purchased on amazon for around $17 USD. The one on the left, the Dr. Jart Water fuse, I purchased at Sephora. Packaging wise, I like the Dr. Jart one way better. It comes out in a tube form while the Skin 79 one is a pump nozzle. While I like the way the Dr. Jart is dispensed, the product itself is a total fail for me. The Skin 79, while not as bad, is still another fail for me.
Left Dr. Jart, Right Skin 79(With Flash)
Why? Well, let's start with the Dr. Jart, while it doesn't have an offending odor to the product, it can sometimes be hard to apply and stick in one place. But that isn't the worst of the problems, it provides very little coverage, and can look a bit streaky at times. The worst thing about this product though, is that it makes me so oily. I have severely oily skin and within probably less than 15 minutes of applying this, I look like a grease ball. When I bought this, it was around January, and although my oily skin is stubborn and refuses to be dry even in the harsh cold of winter, my hands are usually cracked almost bleeding. I had gone into Sephora looking for a light base so that I could apply concealer where I needed it, and more or less got pushed into buying this by a Sephora sales associate. I had kept telling her that I already had an Asian BB Cream and wanted a light foundation instead, but she never even paid attention to that.
Anyway, aside from my rant, I was pushed into buying this and I've used quite a bit, but I rarely use it anymore now, or actually since I've noticed that it did nothing but made my skin way too greasy and oily. Perhaps the only good thing about it is that the color matches my skin tone pretty spot on. This is definitely one of the products I regret buying.
Left Dr. Jart, Right Skin 79 (Without Flash)
All right, now onto the Skin 79 BB Cream. As I have mentioned above, I purchased this on since I'd heard so many great things about it. This BB Cream definitely has a way stronger and more offensive scent than the Dr. Jart. I can't really describe the scent, but it smells okay the first few times and then it just started to get on my nerves. What I really hate about the scent is how in keeps lingering on my face all day and from time to time, I get a whiff of it and since it's not my favourite scent, it bothers me to no end! They claim that this is suitable for oily skin, and when I have tried it, it doesn't hold up that well at all. Also, probably the worst thing about this product is not only the scent, but the way it looks too pink on my skin sometimes. If you can see in the picture, it has a slight grey tinge and it does oxidize to match the skin tone, not perfectly, but somewhat.
It doesn't make me as oily as the Dr. Jart, but it still doesn't control oil well at all. So in the end, this is another product that I definitely regret buying.
Well, I hope this review helped someone out! I say if you have dry skin, the Dr. Jart will look amazing on you, since you don't have oil there to interfere with the glowy, dewy look of the BB Cream, and if you don't mind scents, then the Skin 79 is another candidate that you might want to test out. Also, this is purely my opinion on these products, so if you own them and love them and they work wonderful for you, then I'm super happy for you and I'm in no way bashing these brands or products!

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